Holiday season is here and the BLT’s are out in FULL FORCE. BLT, you ask? It’s not just a delicious sandwich. It’s also the tricky little termites when the cravings spike as BLTs – bites, licks, and tastes. 

You know the ones:” just a bite of burger bun is okay;” “my daughter’s ice cream is going to spill down her hand – I gotta get a lick in there to save her;”  “it’s cookie swap, I’ll just have a taste.”  
And so it is with the seemingly benign BLT’s. We make our way through each day, and this messy holiday season, one bite or lick or taste at a time. And, Buddies, the results of this results in some pretty unfortunate news – I think you can see it taking shape already: BLTs are termites and termites bring down the house in a silent but deadly manner. They make your house worthless and your work with successfully dealing with cravings for sweets impossible. And we ain’t got no time for that, do we Buddies?
Call the exterminator! What are we to do we do about BLTs? Good question. And as we say at Beacon, it’s a great problem to solve:
Your Meal Plan is BOSS.  Not bossy, not a dictator, but rather a BOSS. Your meal plan helps you to know if the BLT’s are sneaking in.  Of COURSE, things happen in life where we aren’t completely adherent to our meal plan. But when the frequency, intensity and duration of being off our plan is high – in both big and little BLT ways – we need to take a look at our behavior.
Mindfulness is key. Stay aware of your actions.  Like I told you last week, your wise mind knows every little thing and it is the single greatest inoculation against the BLTs.  How do we get to and stay in our wise mind?  You guessed it, MINDFULNESS.  What’s your mindfulness practice looking like these days? #getonit #somethingisbetterthannothing #wisemindrocks
Your commitment to YOU means everything. Like a pitcher going into a baseball game, you need to be committed to walking into an event pitching a no-hitter.  That doesn’t mean that you will pitch a no-hitter, but your intention and commitment will be the guiding force behind how you behave at these holiday events.  And you are worth leaving a party feeling like you really honored your goals.  Some might say that is the best dessert around. #lovethatpun