Hey Beacon Buds!

Lately we’ve been fielding tonsss of questions about how someone with food addiction can build and  maintain a lasting recovery.  While there is no magic pill, potion or one size fits all treatment approach, the Beacon team has come up with a little acronym of the things we find essential to keeping you in your Wisest Mind, out of the food, and in your amazing life where you most certainly belong.

The Acronym is PLEASES.  Let’s break it down, shall we?

P: Physical Health

Sometimes our Wise Minds also call out sick when we do. Uh Oh!  This means we can become super vulnerable to certain foods and behaviors that we otherwise wouldn’t dare dream of when we are at 100%.   So while we can’t always control the occasional cold, we can take good care of ourselves and preventative measures to reduce some of these major vulnerabilities.  Your recovery will thank you! (cough cough)

L: Logging Your Food

It is no secret that there is magic in self-monitoring.  It ups our accountability, helps to promote a sense of accomplishment and it’s the most scientifically proven tool to ensure sustainable food and weight recovery.  So get to trackin’ because there’s no time for slackin’!

E: Enjoyable Mind and Body Exercise

The only muscle that needs flexin’ is that big beautiful brain of yours to recall all that you’ve learned to maintain your recovery.  Sure some basic physical activity to get your blood pumping and endorphins flowing won’t hurt, but only do what feels good (not what you think you should be doing).  The same goes for being kind with your mind.  Read, study, meditate and expand that space between your ears in ways that feel intuitive and enjoyable!

A: Abstinence

We recommend abstaining from anything and everything that takes you out of your wise mind.  From alcohol and other drugs, to sugar and flour.

S: Sleep

Catch those ZzZZz’s! The average adults requires a recommended 7-9 hours an evening to function optimally.  How do you stack up?!

E: Eating

Look no further than the three Beacon Pillars.  Not familiar? Self-monitoring, Meal-regulation and of course your meal plan!  Combine these three and you’ve got the recovery dream team!

S: Spirituality

Do not let the big “S” word scare you.  We are not asking you to adopt some hippy dippy practice or to begin chanting (just yet!). We are here to let you know that recovery becomes much more doable when you think outside of yourself, trust in the universe and believe that there is always something working for the greater good.  Can you get down with that?

Now that we got the gist of PLEASES, go on and do what PLEASES you and your recovery.

With Love and Light,

Your Beacon Team