I have been thinking a lot about acting with INTEGRITY in recovery this week.

Last weekend, Behavioral Coach Kirsten and I trekked up to Kripalu – a one-time Jesuit seminary, now Center for Yoga and Health – to see our favorite PhD-best-selling-author-mystic-medical-intuitive, Caroline Myss. Check out the pic! 

Mind. Blown. For. Real.

Myss talked about soooooooo much, that I will be blogging about for years to come. But since I only have you for the next minute or so, let me tell you the concept that I think will most blow your mind: INTEGRITY.
This word means a lot of things to a lot of people. To the people who publish the dictionary, it means:
“the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness; the state of being whole and undivided.

What in the world does INTEGRITY have to do with finding a solution to your issues with food and weight?

Great question. And the answer may even shine some light on what’s up if you’re not finding a solution (and trying realllllllyyyyyyyy hard).

We have integrity in our relationships, in our jobs, as good citizens. But do you have integrity with yourself? Can you give your word to yourself? When you make yourself a promise – or simply say you will do something: I won’t eat that cake; I’m going to pack my lunch today; I’m going to call for help – do you take yourself seriously? Or do you know somewhere inside of you that you’re BS-ing yourself?
Regardless of what we tell ourselves, it’s our actions that call the shots – and it’s our belief in our ability to follow through – our deep belief in our internal integrity –  that dictates our actions.
There is a lot of damage being done in making promises to ourselves that we can’t, or won’t, keep. If we are constantly saying that we will do something to support our path to long-term recovery and not following through over and over and over again, I can promise you that will do something to your outlook on your world.  It will do something to your outlook on whether or not you can rock your goals and get into the big and beautiful life in front of you. And maybe that is the biggest problem you didn’t know you had. #sorrynotsorry #shiningthelight

Do you trust yourself? Can you say that you have integrity when it comes to taking care of yourself and your issues with food and weight?

​​​​​​​Like we say at Beacon, this is a problem to be solved – and the solution today is simpler than most. Simple, but not easy: Make a commitment to say what you mean – and more importantly DO WHAT YOU SAY. No matter what. If you don’t think you’re going to do it, don’t say it. And if you really really really want to do it and don’t think you can, ASK FOR HELP.
Practicing integrity with yourself is the ultimate gift that keeps on giving. And YOU are worth giving to.  You are worth it for more reasons that I can even list, and for more reasons than you could even understand.
So let’s get on the Integrity Train – right now.  Like this minute. Again, the solutions are simple but not easy. They take some time to build AND they are the key to creating a solid relationship with the most important relationship you have in your life: your relationship with YOURSELF.