There are many ways to create winning formulas for success! One formula that works  — the four “C’s.”

Connection / Community / Continuity / Coaching 

When it comes to managing our relationship with food and ourselves, doing it solo is a formula for failure. When we rock these concepts, we rock our recovery. For real.

Connection: You’ve heard it before from us: the opposite of addiction is connection. It is the most powerful shield against the dark forces of food addiction. If we are connected, we have the capacity to thrive and the strength to overcome cravings. That’s right: connection conquers cravings. Nowadays there are myriad ways to creatively connect with our fancy gadgets, social media, support groups galore, bookending text messages before a party and after a party, support groups, Zoom parties, start a sugar-free meetup group, good old-fashioned phone calls, walking buddies and meditation groups.  

Community: Be part of a buddy system or power circle. There are 12-step fellowships and a variety of Zoom circles to commune in. Building a power circle builds power building to help with food-related drama.  In a power circle, you might even build lasting friendships with people who come to you to know you deeply. Shout out for the Breaking Up With Sugar Facebook Page!

Continuity:  This is paramount. Showing up to the same communities consistently is important. When we spread ourselves around to a wide array of support systems, we are a moving target. Active food addiction is like radar – it loves a moving target. It has a good aim when we are all over the map. An example: we call Sally one day, and Jane the next. Or we try different support groups each month. Filling up on smorgasbords of supports is dangerous. Continuity, on the other hand, provides no opportunity for active addiction to zero in. 

Coaching:  The best form of connection is a trusted coach who knows your personal struggles, sees your patterns, helps you strategize with skills, and celebrates your victories.  One-on-one coaching sessions give you accountability and undivided attention. The support of a dedicated coach can surpass casual supports and the helplessness of a multitude of unskilled friends and it can give a quick boost to get started!

The ideal is to have all the C’s sashaying together at once — it is a perfect concoction for success!!

Shine bright! 

Photo by Paweł Czerwiński on Unsplash