Allegedly, summer is upon us. Here in the Northeast we are keeping our fingers crossed that next weekend’s Memorial Day holiday will alert sweet Mother Nature that it’s time for sun and fun (and sunscreen!)

Buzz on the Beacon street is a mixed bag of emotions with summer on the way. Many of us are getting our flip flops on and looking forward to shorter Fridays and more time outdoors. Some Buddies, though, are not feeling ready for the incoming heat, skin baring, and outdoor BBQ party season. You’re wishing you did more for your recovery during the winter and spring – and the feelings of sadness, overwhelm, “not enoughs” and shame are showing their ugly faces. I get it, I really do. And we don’t want to let our past behaviors hold us hostage in enjoying our future, right Buddies? That, as we say at Beacon, is a problem to be solved.

A couple of ideas to get you on the road to summer (self) lovin’:

Tame Your Brain. It’s not that the past isn’t important, it’s simply that it’s unchangable. A bit of a deep thought for your Sunday afternoon, but the only thing that dwelling on your past missteps is going to do is create more missteps. And youknow that’s not the direction you want to be moving in. In this exact moment, right now, you have the capacity to make changes and do something supportive in the name of recovery. That’s what mindfulness is ALL ABOUT. Getting you to focus on one thing, in the moment, to bring you to the here-and-now, so you can rock on with your amazing self. Can you practice some sort of mindfulness today? Take a deep breath or three? Focus all of your energy on a task at hand? Listen to a song with all of your attention? When you can tame your brain using mindfulness, you can get the brain control you need to get moving into summer like a boss. #goonwithyourbadself

Everything is reparable. Listen, maybe it is true that you didn’t do all you could do for your recovery. And, as I said, that’s a yesterday issue, not a today issue. What actions can you take today, right now, that you wish you had this winter and spring? Can you start to write down your food? Not eat some of those red-light foods that you know aren’t serving you? Call your Beacon team and ask for some support? The list is endless around little things you CAN do today: Every day that you are living in integrity with your food and behaviors, you are making reparations with yourself for the days you didn’t. #bestpresentever #somethingisalwaysbetterthannothing

You are filled with light, Buddies. It’s our job at Beacon to help you remember your awesomeness and keep you trucking on the road to your big, beautiful life that you deserve. We’ve got your back today and always. #pinkyswear

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Sending you all the juju, winter, spring, summer and fall.

Photo by Diogo Palhais on Unsplash