Does it feel like your appetite is totally insatiable?

You are not alone. Some people have days where they have ‘a bottomless pit’; for others, it can happen more often. However it effects you, we have good news – if you know the trigger, you can put a stop to the munch before it turns into an overeating disaster.

Here are some reasons you might feel like you could just eat ALL. DAY. LONG.

  1. You haven’t eaten enough good fats. Stop fearing the fat and start embracing it! Healthy fats like those that come from avocados, whole eggs and fish are KEY to feeling satiated throughout the day. Even putting healthy fats like nuts or olives into your day in the way of snacks can curb those cravings and help you to feel full, longer.
  2. You aren’t getting those all-important to all things healthy zzz’s. Stop talking and start doing – every adult I know WISHES they could get more sleep and almost NEVER act on it (doing something to adjust their quantity and quality of sleep). Not only does a poor sleep regimen effect stress and cortisol levels (hello, weight gain), it can also effect the hormone in your body that tells you when you’re hungry and full (those very necessary satiety cues).
  3. You need to get real (and real active) about stress. Stress levels can TOTALLY effect satiety cues! See #2 for all things cortisol and know that exercise, even gentle walks, can help decrease stress and increase your ability to sleep better.
  4. You haven’t quenched that thirst! Drinking water isn’t just important for good skin and providing your body with the stuff it needs to live, it can also effect hunger levels. Truth: if you can’t seem to feel full no matter how much you’re eating, chances are you’re dehydrated. So instead of picking up that spoon, pick up a glass of water instead!
  5. If all else fails, you might have a medical condition and should always consider getting checked out. And apple a day doesn’t always keep the doctor away!

Shine Bright Beacon Buddies!

Photo by Jordane Mathieu on Unsplash