If you’re wanting to kick your sugar addiction, it’s time to ask yourself if what you’re eating has sugar hidden in the ingredients…

In order to break your addiction with sugar and change your life, you first need to recognize and acknowledge the fact that sugar impacts our bodies in a harmful way, similar to other harmful substances. 

In order to kick our sugar addiction it’s important that we know how to identify the insidious ways that sugar rears its ugly head. Sugar creeps into our food without us even knowing it. Folks it’s in a lot more than those cupcakes and ice cream! There are 50+ names that sugar is discreetly hidden under. So make sure to read the ingredients on your food labels! Many of those sneaky sugary substitutes will end in “-ose”, such as high fructose corn syrup, dextrose, fructose. If you see an “ose”, the answer is typically no(se)! If you’re unknowingly consuming sugar daily without realizing it, you will actually start craving it more – imagine that! 

It’s also important to remember that simple carbohydrates such as white flour, pasta or white rice break down as sugar. We have to break that cycle of eating these refined floury and sugary foods which are fueling the addiction.

Start examining what you’re eating and find out those secret ingredients where sugar is discreetly slipping into your food and diet.

 Shine Bright!

Photo by Daria Nepriakhina on Unsplash