Tis’ the season of warm fires, cozy sweaters, gift-giving, and here at The Beacon- getting super skilled-up to navigate each holiday meal with integrity and success!

So what skills are essential to staying a few steps ahead of Binge Eating Disorder this Holiday Season?

Why, we thought you’d never ask!

Check out below for not one, two, but three super skills that when combined, create the ultimate plan to keep you in the holiday spirit and out of Aunt Sally’s fruit cake.

Identifying Your Termites:  What do we mean?  Know and identify the people, places, situations and things that get you into trouble during the holiday season.  Does your sister-in-law drive you crazy?  Do you have trouble staying away from Uncle Bob’s famous pumpkin pie? Knowing the things that eat away at your recovery (i.e. the little termites) ahead of time, gives you ample time to plan/cope ahead so you can navigate them successfully.

Cope/Plan Ahead:  Identified your termites? Good.  Now its time to identify skills and strategies to cope effectively with the people, places, situations and things that make you vulnerable during the holiday time.  Remember, don’t stop at one skill or strategy- you will want to select and rehearse several to maximize efficacy.

Connect:  On the day of and in the actual situation, reach out to your behavioral coach via skills call or to someone in your power circle for more support. Remember the holiday time is for connection and sharing.  Someone who cares deeply about you will be thrilled that you have chosen the gift of recovery!


With these three skills, Binge Eating Disorder will not be making it to the table this holiday season.


With Love and Light,

The Beacon Team