Changing our relationship with food takes a “Beginner’s Mind.” That means keeping a wide open mind!! It means acting as if this is the first time you are hearing something. It means being willing to try things as if you have never tried them before. It means letting go of all your opinions, judgements, ideas, techniques and even your beliefs.

This might not be easy. Especially when cynicism and “been there done that” kick in. We get it! We also get that this kind of thinking hijacks hope — and we are all about hope here at Beacon.

What is hopeful is the idea that we never give up. Every single day is fresh – and anything can happen. This is beginner’s mind — in other words: tabula rasa —clean slate; an absence of preconceived ideas or predetermined goals.

At Beacon we look closely at what gets in the way of our healthy relationship with food and the preconceived ideas that get in the way look something like this:  “I will never get this,” “here I am again,” “who cares.”   Well, what we say to this is: you will get this, yes — here you are!! — and we care!!!

We will tell you that having a beginner’s mind will be your bestie on this journey.

This is not possible all of the time.  Years of cynicism do not disappear in a flash. So take it slow, observe your thinking and give it your best shot.

Aim to approach this time, this moment as the newest of beginnings. There is cause to have wonder and a sense of hope.

Shine Bright!

Photo by Jack Ray on Unsplash