Looking for a long-term, sustainable solution to your issues with BED disorder? Well, my friends, the solution is simple yet complex in nature: treatment must address the whole person, mind, body, and soul, in order to ensure long-term recovery.

Many years ago, I heard a philosophy about solving our problems with food and weight that made me gasp, giggle and nod and the very same time.  It went something like this: Someone who has a food plan but isn’t working their emotional and spiritual programs is simply a bitch (or a bastard) on a diet.  And someone who is not working a food plan and only working a emotional and spiritual program is simply a fat philosopher.
So often I find miserable people with working food plans who aren’t paying attention to their wise minds or souls. Or I find miserable people who are devoted to their meditation practice and mala beads but aren’t attending to their food.  Neither one of those feel like sustainable or desirable solutions for your issues with BED disorder, am I right? And we are in this game to find long-term solutions that make us shine bright, you Beacons of Light.
As we say at Beacon, this is a problem to be solved.  What we know about extremes is that the answer never lies in the opposite, it always lies in the balance.  The thing about your struggle with BED disorder is that it is a problem that impacts your body, mind AND spirit. So our solution must address the same. 
At Beacon, we tout the importance of a food plan, of finding a food plan that works with you and for you.  And without that, you can’t head on the road to long term success. You need a food plan you can adhere to, that appreciates sensitivities to foods that don’t love you back and is filled with foods that do.  That honors the science of biodiversity and addiction and also is flexible so you can be in this beautiful life that you are living.  But after that mastery, what’s a buddy to do to ensure the “Bitch on a Diet” prophecy doesn’t materialize?
You know how I love to solve problems, so we’ve launched a solution to that at BeaconBeacon Body and Spirit.  Every month we will welcome a diverse group of practitioners to help to teach you to nurture your body and soul.  This month, my dear friend Kathleen “Jedi of Calm” Booker will be teaching a Breath Class to get us better in touch with our very best selves, and Kirsten and I will be reviving our Finding Freedom: Your Body seminar.  We will be having so many more of these workshops – open to anyone – in the months to come, so stay tuned and chime in with ideas!
And if you’re not able to make these events because you’re not interested or because you’re not available or you’re not local, what can you do to move away from the “Bitch on a Diet” and towards balance and activation of your body and spirit?  Can you start a meditation practice?  Take a dance class? Find a teacher you love who may help to nurture you (we love BreneCarolinePema, and Tara)? Or can you start more simply? Take a few deep breaths every day?  Give your hand a massage? Take 30 seconds for a mindful pause?
Remember Buddies, something is always better than nothing, and something almost always leads us to more and better things.  Being more in touch with our bodies and sprits is a BOGO – buy one get all. We benefit in all areas – life feels easier as does our recovery from food and weight – and we are better able to be available to ourselves and those around us. And that is everything.