Hungry like the wolf…

Is NOT the way to walk into a full-on food situation. Buffets are everywhere – at weddings, holiday parties, the hotel on vacation, your favorite grocery store even – so you might as well be prepared to face them, am I right?

Here are some simple tips to breeze through any over-indulgent food situation like a pro:

1 – PLAN, PLAN, PLAN. Think ahead smarty pants. This can mean using tactics like calling ahead to see what’s offered on the buffet, making sure you regulate your eating around the event, and having a support system or skill built into the event if the going gets too tough.

2 – DON’T starve yourself before going to the buffet, regardless of whether it’s at a wedding or in the lobby of your hotel. If it’s a breakfast buffet, don’t go in super hungry – plan to eat before you reach the point of starvation.

3 – STICK to ONE plate. Fill up on the good stuff – veggies and proteins – and know that you will be done after that plate of food. And be sure to leave NO room for dessert especially if it’s already on the buffet line.

4 – EAT SLOWLY – this is a marathon, not a race. Stuffing your face with the good stuff might FEEL good in the moment but we tend to overeat when we don’t let that food settle. Knowing that this is your only plate of food might help you put on the brakes, too.

5 – CHECK in with yourself. Here’s a great gauge: are you a 1, 2, or 3? 1 = I could get right on the dance floor and shake it til my heart stops! 2 = I could dance, but I might be a little uncomfortable and could have gone without the last couple of bites of chicken and might just want to sit this one out. 3 = if I go out onto that dance floor, I’ll definitely vomit.

6 – DANCE like no one’s watching. Meaning, distract yourself from the temptation to eat more. If that means being the first one on the dance floor or taking a brisk walk around the block or excusing yourself to splash cold water on your face, it also means a big buffet game, set, match for you! And if those tricks don’t work and you’re not quite ready to leave, find a support buddy or keep your hands occupied (think mocktail in one hand and your clutch in the other).

You CAN beat the Buffet Bulge! Having a clear and wise mind around not only what you eat but how you will tackle temptation will set you up for success. And practice makes doable so don’t shy away from a buffet out of fear – learn by doing!

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash