An essential aspect of a healthy relationship with food is a power circle.

At Beacon, we speak of many essential things. The three pillars: a meal plan, meal regulation, and self-monitoring. Is there anything else you could possibly need? Yes, a power circle that helps keep these pillars solid—a circle of supportive people close at hand or at our fingertips to text or call. 

If we could form a healthy relationship with food all by ourselves, we would. But it doesn’t work. Although solitude can be healthy and revitalizing when we need time to reconnect with ourselves, it can be risky to spend too much time alone. There is a big difference between solitude and isolation.

Our support network reminds us to breathe, reassures us that we can do hard things, helps us remember who we are when we get foggy. 

Without that support, we may look for solutions to our problems in a jumbo bag of chips or a dozen doughnuts. Or we may justify a cheesecake as a healthy portion of protein. Our power circle brings us to our senses. 

The antidote to addiction is connection. Research suggests that people use substances less when they feel connected to something bigger than themselves. If you look for connection in cookies or a pint of ice cream you won’t find true connection. For that, you need a power circle.

But building a good power circle can be challenging. We get into connection conundrums when we talk to the same people all the time or when we refrain from reaching out because we don’t want to bother anyone. Throw in a global pandemic and it can feel impossible. 

It is not impossible. 

There are ways to build and extend your power circles.  Text friends daily. Call three people a day. Find a Zoom 12-step fellowship, meetup group, book club, or sports club.  There are walking buddies, Peloton buddies, yoga buddies, old school buddies, buddies of buddies. Look for communities of people who share your struggles, interests, and passions, as well as your humor, hobbies, or religious and spiritual beliefs. 

Little by little, we build our circles. And never forget this: We are here for you at Beacon. And we offer ready-made power circles. Join our Breaking Up With Sugar Facebook group—with close to 1,000 members. We are always here and powered up for you.  

Keep building.  Be bold.

Shine bright! 




Photo by Chris Montgomery on Unsplash