We are hearing about underlying conditions and the role they play in our physical immunity.  Wildly important! Guess what? EMOTIONAL IMMUNITY is just as important!

Emotional and physical immunity. That’s right. Both our emotional and physical immune systems need our utmost attention. We know you know this already, but we love to nudge in our oh so delicate way! 

Understanding our underlying emotional and physical conditions and how they impact our lives is key.  At Beacon we are strong advocates of being in our absolute best physical health. We use our skill lens with a soft empathetic filter to see ways that we might use food as a coping skill. It is typically an “underlying” condition that causes us to overeat. Rarely is it true hunger. #hardtruth

As we say alllll the time: food is NOT a coping skill. The more we use our actual coping skills, the healthier our emotional immune system will be.  We don’t like to dwell on the dark side, but let’s take a beat here to remind you that weight-related issues can be fatal. Not only when it comes to your life — but when it comes to the spirit too.

These are the hard facts. According to the CDC, obesity-related conditions include heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer that are some of the leading causes of preventable premature death. PLEASE, pretty please, keep in mind this stuff is serious!

Speaking of PLEASE, we love a good acronym at Beacon! 

One of the primary skills in DBT is emotional regulation and one strategy we recommend is based on the word PLEASE(S):  Let’s break it down!

P L E A S E (S) 

The gist:  Do what PLEASES your mind and body — both physically and emotionally. 

Physical Health:  Stay healthy physically. 

Logging:  Log your food. 

Enjoying Mind and Body Exercise: Make it fun! 

Abstaining from Mood Altering Substances. 

Sleeping: Simply that — get abundant sleep. 

Eating: Eat well — so important!  

Spirituality: Doing a spiritual practice or mindfulness practice. 

Emotional and physical immunity by any means necessary is not only pleasing, but it is also the most powerful thing we can do for ourselves.

Please keep it in mind because we adore you.

Shine Bright!

Photo by KS KYUNG on Unsplash