Where does the fat you burn go to die?

Take a deep breath and EXHALE. That’s right, fat, when burned, is converted into CO2 – the lovely gas we expel when we release our breath into the world. Exhale more (think when you’re huffing and puffing your way through a morning jog – or, if we’re honest, brisk walk) and more fat is released. Good for plants, bad for the ozone?

This doesn’t mean to say that you should run around huffing and puffing – you still have to BURN the fat prior to releasing it. And that isn’t only done by exercise. You can metabolize fat with food – think spicing up your dinners and eating more eggs – and by drinking enough water throughout the day.

And if you have less fat to metabolize, the better your health! Try lowering calorie intake and eating balanced, regularly scheduled meals every 3-4 hours. Quality and quantity of sleep also has a major impact on how our body processes fat – raised cortisol levels (bad sleep habits can increase cortisol) equal more fat storage.

A final tip is to remember to LAUGH! Laughing not only burns calories but can cause an uptick in metabolic rates – good news all around! So smile and shine bright Beacon Buddies!

Photo by Murillo Marchi on Unsplash