I know you’ve been asking yourself, “How can I lose weight?” I hear you. It can be really hard to understand why, when you seem to be trying so hard, you are often getting father and father from your goals.

So many things can keep you stuck, including your STORY. Your “story” can be a sticking point that you may be completely oblivious to and may result in you asking, “How can I lose weight?” over and over, without the results that you’re looking for and the results that you deserve.

What’s YOUR story? “Why can’t I lose weight?” “This is so unfair.” “Why me?” “It’s too hard.” “I’m just fat for life.” “I can’t ever make things work.” The list goes on and on and on. The problem may be that you are stuck like cement in these deeply embedded stories, and you don’t even know it!

These stories leave you asking “How can I lose weight?” to the tune of more frustration and demoralization. As we say at Beacon, “your brain doesn’t know you are kidding” – if you are walking around living and breathing these stories, long-term sustainable success will be very hard.

Let’s get to the bottom of it.  

Are you stuck in your story?  

Here are five signs that the answer is YES:

  1. You have trouble finding and committing to a long-term solution.

    You jump from diet to cleanse to new book to guru to life coach to exercise plan looking for the hottest new fad to fix you. News flash: diets don’t work. And YOU are going to be the one to fix you. The quick-fix-it-should-be-easy story is getting in the way of your long-term results and adding chapters to your frustrating story.

  1. You feel like you have “tried everything!”

    And you MAY HAVE – but your hopelessness level, and living in that story, makes it impossible for change to come and for you to make the permanent changes you deserve. No Bueno.

  1.  You’re angry and sad and sad and angry …Living in these feelings make an angry story angrier and a sad story sadder. And when you are acting on all of these feelings, you are empowering them – which, again, makes a sad story sadder and a mad story madder. What’s the feeling long-term successful weight controllers have? In our experience: acceptance, resilience, peace, and resolve. That’s a story worth reading!
  1. You think change is impossible.

    Pass the super glue and get the furniture to move into this story! The more you believe it, the more real it becomes.

  1. You replay the timeframe when you feel that food got “out of control” or you swoon for the glory days of when things were different and better.

    Change can only happen in the present moment. So, if you’re living in the past in the “what if’s” and the “if only’s” then we’ve found the problem.  Living in your past is like exclusively looking in the rearview mirror when you drive – it’s a behavior that will get you into a lot of fender benders. There’s a reason the windshield is so much bigger than the rear-view mirror. Move into right now and things will change immediately.

Understanding that your THINKING may be the problem in your question, “How can I lose weight?” may be the missing link you haven’t examined in your food and weight struggles. And it may be what is really holding you back.