Stop looking for happiness in the same place you lost it.

Change is hard. Nothing worth doing is ever easy. One day or day one – you decide. You must be the change you wish to see in the world. Regardless of how you phrase it, change is movement and requires doing something different than what you were doing before.

This is a foundational piece of what we do here at Beacon. And we aren’t talking about the changes we will ask you to make to your life as you know it; we are honing in on the change that is moving from a lifetime of dieting to a lifetime of freedom from diets.

You might be saying to yourself: well, that sounds easy. In actuality, it isn’t. What we have seen is resistance from people to the idea that we ask for a lifetime commitment for a healthier, happier you. It turns out, people might HATE the yo-yo dieting, the fails, the white-knuckling, the restriction, or even the health risks associated with many diets, but what they hate even more is the fact that slow and steady wins the race.

We live in a society of I want it, I need it, I must have it now. Immediate gratification is what the diet industry THRIVES on – they survive on the fact that what they are offering will NEVER be sustainable. So, in order for you to succeed, you continue to buy into the hype one failed attempt after another. And what’s worse is you walk away FEELING LIKE A FAILURE because you couldn’t just stick to that easy, little, teeny-weeny diet for 30 days. The SHAME of it all can be so defeating that guess what? You start eating again to drown those feeling of inferiority and disgust with yourself.

This is where Beacon is different. The meal plan that we create for you requires no white-knuckling, no feelings of starvation, no outrageous costs due to needing this kind of aloe to go into that kind of juice. This doesn’t mean that what we do is easy. It’s not. And it is also sustainable. You can slip, you can fall down, and you can get back on the horse (check out the blog “Slip Sliding Away”) FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. Failure is expected and will happen. And instead of casting off the rest of your 30-day diet because you screwed up halfway through, there is never a halfway with us – it’s just your life done differently. What will never happen again if you stick with us is restrict for a month and then scarf down a dozen donuts at the end.