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Happy Sunday Buddies!

Our goal is to find your solution to our issues with food and weight, right? Every Sunday, we talk all about the ways to nail that – with using our mindfulness skills, with practicing integrity, with learning how to not make bad situations worse.

And the thing we really need to talk about if we want to solve our issues with food and weight is our FOOD. In many ways, it’s not about the food because it’s about our feelings and our lives, and in so many ways it IS about the food.

What’s the best way to start managing your food? A meal plan.

Here’s the deal: those of us who show up at Beacon have food compasses that got True North mucked up at some point – I know, totally annoying but it happens. By coming to address our issues with food and weight, we are saying that we are willing to fix that compass – to do what we need to do get it fully functional again and supporting our journey.

Meal plan is True North. It is an external source of information telling you what is going to take care of you and get you where you want to go. It is there to support your journey as you develop all the skills you need to have the relationship with food that better serves the life you most want to live.

I’ll be honest, meal plans can be preeeeeetty aversive to people sometimes – like “Why does stuff need to be so calculated?” and “Will it be super restrictive?” Buddies, let me tell you from the bottom of my heart, the meal plan is only there to support you and lead you to freedom not to deprive you of anything. #pinkyswear

Some questions to chew on this week #punintended: Are you on a meal plan right now? Are you letting it be your True North? If not, how can you let it guide you? What’s holding you back from living in integrity with your food?

Want to continue the conversation tonight? Me too! Join me at 8:30pm tonighton Beacon’s Facebook Page for our Beacon Buzz Afterparty on FB LIVE! Bring your commitments, questions, thoughts, comments, and ideas! #seeyousoon

In case you forgot: BEACON IS HERE TO HELP – with all things food and weight! We’ve got you! Get in touch to schedule a 20 minute strategy session with me. Beacon can help in all sorts of ways – including our new E-SERVICES for those of you outside the NYC metropolitan area. And always stay in touch – your Beacon team wants to know what’s up!  Shoot us an email and let us know all the things! 

Sending you all the good vibes… Until next Sunday!

Photo by Charlie Wild on Unsplash