Before you wreck yoself.

Need even MORE reason to cut sugar – that bad mother – from your daily rundown? Check out this new article from the folks over at Business Insider. While an unlikely place to find health tips, this is the real deal Holyfield. Can you guess the number one cause of cancer? If you chose smoking, you’d be wrong – instead, it’s the thing that so many of us indulge in with or without knowing it (hint: it’s hidden in many of our favorite, even healthy, foods): SUGAR.

Sugar not only actively damages your cells, it can also contribute to cancer cell growth and therefore effects the overall growth of tumors themselves. Cancer has found its favorite fuel in the form of sugar and eating it leads to fueling a fire we would all rather extinguish. In fact, it’s such an important contributor to how cancer cells develop that researchers and doctors are working to develop specific diet protocols for those diagnosed with all types of cancer.

Can anybody guess the second leading cause of cancer? Even this one surprised me because it’s ranked #2. Processed foods. Say what? In addition to all of the those-whose-names-we-cannot-pronounce ingredients, processed foods are also the culprits of many hidden forms of sugar because sugar makes them taste better. And, because sugar is an addictive substance (it possesses the same abilities to alter the dopamine responses in your brain as cocaine), once you pop, you can’t stop.

Guys – these two factors are more dangerous and damaging to your health than smoking and tanning! Remember the good ole days when you could simply use sunscreen and not pick up the nasty habit of smoking in order to better your chances of getting out of this life cancer-free? Not anymore! If you want to do something good for yourself, cutting sugar and processed foods from your daily diet can increase the chances of living a long, healthy, and wholesome life. Check our our next blog on detoxing from sugar if you’re ripping and raring to go!

Stay healthy and live long Beacon Buddies!

Photo by Bethany Newman on Unsplash