If You Choose Not To Decide, You Still Have Made A Choice

Buzz on the Beacon street is that you are feeling a bit stuck. Stuck in cycles of lapsing, stuck in sticky tricky relationships with your food plans, stuck, confused and a little more stuck.

We hit these stuck points from time to time, that’s for sure – feeling between a rock and hard place with absolutely no options. That can sure make a Buddy feel like a victim to their circumstances. But Buddies, that’s completely untrue! Its a total and complete lie that your lower self, your food-and-weight-demons like to tell you so that you can stay stuck, and they can stay in power.

Choice is the most powerful skill that we have going for us, Buddies. I know that when we’re in the thick of it, it doesn’t feel that way – it feels like we are without choice. And, again, ain’t true – we always have choices. In fairness, the reason it may feel like we don’t have choices in these moments is because sometimes the choices we need to make when we are feeling low may be really overwhelming and scary. You know what I mean: like giving up sugar when you’re in the thick of an addiction, or asking for help when you’re in the depths of isolation, or really speaking your truth. But I never promised this would be easy – I only promised a big, beautiful and sustainable life free from your food and weight issues 🙂

At the core of making choices is INTEGRITY. Just about my most favorite word in the world. When we live in integrity, all is well. Our wise mind is running the show, we are not betraying, compromising or turning on ourselves. We are practicing what we preach, being forgiving to ourselves and asking for help when we can’t. Making choices is pretty easy when integrity is your guiding force.

And for many of us who have been on the diet rollercoaster and in the diet drama and trauma forEVER, we may have lost sight of what integrity is, what it means to us and how we can practice it.

So I ask you today: what does integrity mean to YOU when it comes to your food and weight issues? What are the beliefs and behaviors you engage in that honor your truth, your highest self? What you would want for the person you love the most? Are you behaving that way? How far are you from your integrity? What is one step you can make today to move closer?

That’s a lot to chew on, Buddies, so remember, something is ALWAYS better than nothing – and every day you are moving towards your integrity, you are fighting the good fight – for you and those around you. #yougotthis

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