Food shame around you eating behavior can be paralyzing and make you feel stuck. So how do you combat food shame? 

What a good and brave question. 

Luckily for us, there has been a LOT of research on shame and how to heal it – our most favorite by one of Beacon’s many Muses, Brene Brown.  She has taught us that the two most powerful antidotes for shame are truth-telling and empathy — aka sharing your shame with people who can relate.  

When we feel food shame, it can feel difficult to share honestly – with our coaches, with our partners, with our friends, even with our dry cleaner or the food delivery person.  Shame and secrets can keep us very very isolated, lonely and spiritually sick.

This is not a one-person show, my friends. If you could have done this on your own, you already would have.  Fortunately or unfortunately – depending on how you are looking at the glass today – we are pack animals. We all need each other to get by.  It truly does take a village.  

Don’t have a village to foster your recovery?  That, my Beacon Buddies, is a problem to be solved RIGHT NOW.  Open your contacts and take a looksie for the people who you trust, who you know you can call and get some non-judgmental, loving, wise and balanced feedback.  Double points for people who can identify with what you are going through – whether it be because they are in recovery as well or because they are just amazingly empathetic and awesome warriors like you.  

These people will from now on be referred to as your food shame Power Circle.  Initiation ceremony optional.

Coming up dry?  Don’t fret.  Another problem to be solved… Hooray!  There are more spiritual communities, book clubs, meet-up groups12-step fellowships (if that’s how you roll), meditation circles, just waiting for you to join and find your people. Let’s get this party started!

Do not, I repeat, do NOT underestimate the power of the Power Circle.  Once you have yours formed, let the truth-telling and empathizing begin!  You know what I mean: When you feel that cringing, shrinking feeling of not-enough-i’m-an-awful-undeserving-failure come up, let the games begin! Take a deep breath, pull out your phone and REACH OUT.  You will be SHOCKED by the (evidenced-based) results.  Seriously.  

Remember, there is deep warrior-like bravery in saying that we need support, asking what we need and showing up for life.  You are awesome. Combat that food shame with a little help from your supports!

Shine Bright,