Do you think in an all-or-nothing, ride-or-die sort of way? Like, “I’ll go all-out at this party tonight and get to an early spin class?” Or, “I worked so hard this week; I’m staying home and watching Netflix allllll weekend.” Or, “I’ll power through this work project, then sleep it off for a few days.” Our culture really supports this go-big-or-go-home …”binge eating culture.”
And you know this mentality is all over the place when it comes to the culture’s perceptions of how we ought to be managing our food and weight issues. The juice cleanses, detoxes, and hard-core-bootcamps are always followed by cheat days and treat-yourself-meals (that are pretty far from actually treating yourself).
Binge eating culture! Whoa. All the sexiness of fast weight loss and treating ourselves to a cheat meal can get a Buddy believing that the cure to our issues is one mail-order-detox away.  And that can really throw a wrench in finding our sustainable solution to our issues with food and weight. Know what I mean?
I wish it were a quick fix, Buddies. Believe you me. I. Wish. It. Were.
Yet, it’s not – what I know for sure about the binge culture as it pertains to your binge eating (or emotional eating or compulsive overeating) is that the house always wins. For every restriction there is a binge, and for every binge eating episode there is restriction.
So, as sexy as a lose-10-pounds-in-a-week juice cleanse looks on paper, in reality it’s a lot of small life, bad moods, tiredness, and planning what you are going to eat when you finally are freed from the starvation. As fun as a cheat meal sounds, it is very rarely just one meal, but rather a bunch of meals, snacks, and late-night-eats that end with weight gain and demorilization.  And that’s about as far from your goals as I can think of.
Battling the binge culture while battling your issues with food and weight is, as we say at Beacon, a problem to be solved. And Buddy, to solve this problem, you must put your wise minds on tight and ask yourself: Am I in this for a quick fix that will keep on breaking OR am I in this to have a long-term sustainable solution to my issues with food and weight? 
When our emotions are high and we are frustrated with our progress, looking at diet success stories on Instagram and in deep compare and despair, that question isn’t so easy.
It does take a BIG and steady dose of our wise mind to override the sexiness of the binge culture. To quote JLo, “Don’t be fooled by the rocks that I got” – we need to skill you up:
1. Just The Facts: Can you get to the facts of the case? I’m reminded of the famous-in-my-world study that says that a healthy weight loss is one to two pounds a week. How unsexy is that? And yet, it’s what we know works – because it requires the behavior that you can do on the daily, allowing for long term and sustained success. And that’s what works.
2. Pro-Con List: What are the positives of a short term solution and what are the negatives? What are the positives of your long-term sustainable program? Negatives? Usually it’s about what you want RIGHT NOW versus what you are willing to wait for. #thechoiceisyours
3. Cope Ahead: Go get your crystal ball and look into it. Do you really have a future with that all-raw-food diet? Can you really make a life with your not-really-one-time-a-week cheat meal? Focus on how you want to FEEL in your life? Can you do that by buying in to the sexy diet industry?
Buddies, you are so bravely and beautifully dealing with your issues with food and weight. And you are doing it  in a way that makes this the LAST time you have to be in the demorilization of starting again on a Monday.  The LAST time you are telling war stories of how awful this diet or that diet was, or living on the awful emotional roller coaster that comes with buying into binge culture.
It is true that the best things come to those who wait – and, while this long-term solution may not come with the fast-pasted go-big-or-go-home shiny “Biggest Loser” weight loss ceremonies, it DOES come with peace of mind and a lasting relationship laced with self-worth, serenity and freedom.