Every Sunday, Molly buzzes about the questions/concerns/thoughts/experiences happening at Beacon. We are now sharing her weekly wisdom right here with you!  Here’s a buzz on commitment:

Happy Sunday! Hope you’re enjoying your weekend.  Here’s a little Beacon Buzz to close the week out right.

The Buzz this week at Beacon is all about commitment

Relationships can be rough sometimes.  The same can certainly be said about your relationship with food, weight and the recovery process.

What do you do when your commitment to recovery from your issues with food and weight is wavering?  

Great question!  Here are a few suggestions:

First off, chill.  It’s totally normal, in ALL relationships, to have less than flowery feelings.  And remember, there is a huge difference between feelings and BEHAVIORS.  Frustration with your program is normal and wanting to throw in the proverbial towel is totally normal.  Actually throwing in the towel probably isn’t the best idea…  

And it’s likely that in your frustration, you’re actually doing quite well!  A lot of the time when we are feeling frustrated, we are measuring our progress in terms of how we are feeling versus how we are doing.  Quite often we may be feeling down, sad, frustrated and our actions are in absolute opposition. We know from data that it takes some time for our positive behavior to turn into positive feelings – so give yourself a little break!  You’re DOING great!

Second, let’s look at your feelings.  What are you actually feeling?  Sad?  Overwhelmed? Scared?  Is it really about the food and the recovery or might your recovery be playing chameleon for something else?  Or maybe it’s a passing feeling.  Let’s not let acting on passing feelings interfere on our long-term goals.  It doesn’t seem like the best use of a Sunday, does it?

And if you’re still really hating on recovery, let’s take a looksie at your goals.  Every program, job, or relationship needs an evaluation from time to time. Perhaps your recovery needs a perspective switch, an added focus, or some simplification.  That’s soooooo doable and reasonable — let’s discuss!

As always, the Beacon Team is here rooting for you!  Please shoot us an email to let us know how it’s going and what you would like to hear about next!

Shine Bright,