If you’re looking to examine and shift your relationship with food, it is incredibly important to get to know your WHY…

How come it so critical to know your WHY? Knowing your personal reasons for making such hard adjustments with your food and food behaviors is what will keep you feeling motivated when the going gets rough. And believe me it will.

The primary motivators for people stepping into Beacon are often releasing weight and feeling more comfortable in one’s body.  Both of these reasons are incredibly valid and can move you towards healing your relationship with food. However, chasing a number on the scale is not the only motivating factor that will keep you going. At Beacon, we ask you to zoom out and ask yourself these questions:

How do I want to feel in my new relationship with food?

What is important to me?

How do I want my behaviors around food to reflect my values?

In what ways will this change impact my physical, emotional and spiritual self?

If you feel a bit stumped by any of these questions, that’s terrific. It means you get the opportunity to dig a little deeper and engage in self-reflection.  Over time, the answers will reveal themselves as you start to gain clarity around your struggles and build the tools that move you towards this path of recovery.

This journey is about so much more than your weight or body size. It’s about building trust with yourself again and letting the beautiful light inside of you shine through.

And when you know your WHY the how becomes much clearer.

Shine Bright!