You know I feel so strongly about walking the walk that I talk – and I feel strongly that my team do the same.

Last weekend, Team Beacon merrily trekked to the Adirondack mountains to bond and stretch our comfort zones at Soul Camp. 

And boy did we do some comfort zone stretching! We were living in bunks, zip lining, taking dance classes, doing breath work, and participating (and crying) during the fear burning ceremony. We also stretched our comfort zones internally – sharing honestly, creating deeper connections, and practicing being seriously vulnerable with each other and those around us. And, wouldn’t you know it, we left feeling SO FULL. And not from the delicious food, but from the pausing, and the people and the CONNECTION.

Brene Brown defines connection as: “The energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued; when they give and receive without judgment; and when they derive sustenance and strength from the relationship.” Wow.

The common theme among Team Beacon was the amazing sense of connection that we felt within our Beacon Tribe and as members of the larger community at Soul Camp. I felt such a sense of belonging and connection teaching my classes and hearing the stories of others struggling with body acceptance, wanting to break up with sugar, and looking to create more integrity their relationship with food and weight. I was nodding my head in compassion and understanding so much, I thought my heart might burst! And, of course, I was thinking of you, Buddies, and how badly I wanted you to have the same experience.

To say I left inspired to help grow our community of Beacon Buddies is an understatement. We want to find sustainable solutions to our food and weight problems: that has a lot to do with food and behaviors AND it has a LOT to do with feeling fed and nurtured outside of the four times a day you are eating. 

And THAT is where your community, your TRIBE comes in. I’m so down to help facilitate that. I have a ton of ideas in the name of Facebook groups, free tribe events at Beacon, off-site retreats and the like, and I would LOVE to hear from YOU about what we can do to help you feel more connected to your Beacon tribe. No idea is too big, too little, or too outlandish – stretch your comfort zone andreach out to me with any ideas!

And in the name of TRIBE – let’s connect later tonight!!! Join me on Beacon’s Facebook Page for our Beacon Buzz Afterparty on FB LIVE. Set your clocks tonight at 8:30! See you then!

Beacon is here to help!! Do you or someone you love need help, guidance, and support with your struggles with food and weight? If you do, we’ve got you! Get in touch to schedule a 20 minute strategy session with me. Beacon can help in all sorts of ways – including our new E-SERVICES for those of you outside the NYC metropolitan area.

Photo by Luca Bravo on Unsplash