Except for the food that you put in your mouth, mindfulness and meditation is the single most important skill someone can acquire to combat overeating.

Exercising and keeping your mind sharp is even more important than exercising your body. Meditation has been scientifically proven to decrease anxiety, help reduce stress and most importantly increase focus and attention. Overeating almost always stems from anxiety and stress.  And it especially happens from losing focus — remember that friend’s party where you went in swearing to be good and left demoralized because you lost a battle with the dessert table?

Its all solvable by adding a minor meditation practice to your routine. Even five minutes of sitting quietly, focusing on your breath on on a word will absolutely make a difference and calm your mind. When your mind is calm, that person inside of you who wants to say no to dessert tables, pack their lunch, and pass on the bread basket has a greater chance of running the show of your life and diet success. All thanks to your mindfulness techniques you’ve developed and wise mind practice.

Meditation can also be particularly useful when it is decision making time.  A lot of overeating happens very impulsively and quickly.  A good meditation practice gives a tiny bit more space between thought and action, making us all less likely to act on the impulses.  When life gets lifey, it can bring out some pretty intense emotions and situations where being in our wise mind (or best self) and utilizing our mindfulness techniques makes the outcome so much better and the process a lot simpler.


Food For Thought:

1.  There is no wrong way to Meditate.

2.  3 minutes is all you need to get started.

3. There are great meditation apps (Calm or Insight) and Spotify stations for mediation.


Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash