Food addiction and food cravings can be relentless. Passing by that pastry shop on your morning commute can become very difficult when food cravings kick in. Sitting on the couch thinking about those cookies in your pantry can also be difficult. Creating distance between you and your cravings can be essential in your fighting your food addiction.

Now creating distance doesn’t mean you have to put literal distance in between yourself and your cravings; though, it can be extremely helpful. Feel a craving coming on or see a sweet shop coming up? Go on a walk and get your mind off of the food. Not only are you fighting your craving, but you’re also exercising. Putting space between you and your food is putting space between your body and cravings.

Another way to create distance from your cravings is to distract yourself. Start chewing gum, play a game, or catch up with friends. Cravings can completely occupy your mind, so anything that distracts your mind can distract your cravings. You never want to be solely thinking about food. You might get hungry towards the end of the day, but there’s a difference in that and completely craving a particular food. Cravings are a battle that people with food addiction have to face, and in this case, turning the other way can help you win. Don’t let your cravings control your mind.

Shine Bright!!

Photo by Jake Hills on Unsplash