In this world nothing can be said to be certain…

Well, Franklin may have had a point. In 1789. Nowadays, it seems that there are also other certainties that, sometimes, are founded in uncertainties. ‘What is she talking about??’ you ask.

At Beacon, we ask you to say, “I do” to your meal plan. We also ask you to say, “I do” to no sugar and no flour. We also ask you to say, “I do” to meal regulation, portion control, and self-monitoring. And you, of course, comply hungrily, desperate and ready for change! And then the honeymoon phase is over and you HATE your “I do’s” and you might even hate us.

And it’s about that time that we use this thing we have called a Food Inventory. Not totally dissimilar to when a business takes count of its inventory in order to prepare for tax season. We are going to ask you to take a food inventory so that you can keep YOUR business afloat.

On a piece of paper, we want you to make 3 columns:

In Column 1, write CURRENTLY. In Column 2, write WHERE I WANT TO BE. In Column 3, write ACTIONS I AM OPEN TO TAKING.

Great job! Now comes the work. In each of these columns, we want you to record (and do so with integrity and HONESTY) your responses to the following according to where you are in each area:

Abstinence from sugar; abstinence from flour; following meal plan; tricky abstinent foods (you know the ones that are on plan but you just can’t help having that second serving); weighing and measuring; meal regulation (every 3-4 hours); self-monitoring; snacks and snack splitting (aka grazing your snack); volume (yes, you can overeat on abstinent foods the horror); binging episodes; and restricting (playing with your food).

Remember, if you have more than one problem area, these problems are only opportunities for change. A problem is nothing but a solution waiting to be solved.