Ground Floor versus The Penthouse

I was lucky enough to be away at a retreat center (sans phone!) with one of the teachers who’s had a huge impact on how I view the world, the incredible Caroline Myss. Here’s one her awesome TEDx Talks.

I was reminded of the beauty of learning, growing, and of repetition – we can revisit something and the lesson totally changes! You learn what you need to learn when you need to learn it. #staythepath

What stuck most with me this time was Carolyn Myss’ metaphor about perspective – and how a change in perspective can change everything: Imagine a 100 degree day in NYC – if you live there or have visited, you know that hot NYC days are associated with sweltering temperatures bouncing off concrete making it even more sweltering, air quality that compromises the lungs, lots of crowds and most of all, the pungent smell of hot garbage. What a pleasure.

Imagine living in a small apartment on the ground floor of a busy NYC building in the middle of summer – it feels, overwhelming, chaotic, loud, exhausting – rather undesirable for most of us. Now, imagine what it may feel like to live in the penthouse of the same apartment building. Very different, right? SO much more peaceful! The air quality is cleaner, the noise almost gone, maybe you can even see the views of the river! A totally different perspective of the very same experience! 

This metaphor Carolyn Myss utilized perfectly explains why our perspective matters so much. When we are living life from the perspective of the ground floor, it’s hard to make choices that support our food and weight goals – or any of our long-term goals for that matter! When our perspective is living on the ground floor, our choices are reactive and support what we feel we need immediately – to numb our pain, or make us feel temporarily safe… Helloooooo, bites and binges! And, most importantly, when we are living in the ground floor perspective we are feeling so hopeless, scared, and defeated that it’s hard to imagine that the penthouse even exists.

“Your beliefs become your thoughts. 
Your thoughts become your words. 
Your words become your actions. 
Your actions become your habits. 
Your habits become your values. 
Your values become your destiny.”

How do we shift our perspective from the ground floor to the penthouse? That, as we say at Beacon, is a problem to be solved. But before we can solve a problem, we need to know what the problem actually is. This Beacon Buzz is a two-parter, with some homework this week, and some more solution next week. 

This week, I want you to become an expert – a connoisseur even, of your perspective. What does your world view look like? What do you tend to believe when times get tough? What floor do you usually live on and where would you like to move? What thoughts, words, actions and habits might you have to adopt to get there? All aboard the elevator to the penthouse! Who’s getting on with me?

Let’s continue our chat on perspective tonight!  Join me on Beacon’s Facebook Pagefor our Beacon Buzz Afterparty on FB LIVE. 8:30 Tonight. And bring all of your thoughts and questions… I can’t wait to see you!

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Sending you sooooooooo much penthouse perspective, Buddies.

Photo by Céline Haeberly on Unsplash