Are you coming home after a long day of work/school/life and feel deserving of a binge?

Here at Beacon we don’t think you deserve a binge, because we love you and don’t want you to feel like crap! You are worthy of a big, beautiful life! If food has become your only coping mechanism, it may be time to start reevaluating some of the tools you have when it comes to stress maintenance.

Beacon is here to help you add some tools to this kit, and hammer away (no pun intended) the harm that food has started to cause in your inability to tolerate stress.

Some quick suggestions for things to do instead: go for a walk, call and catch up with a friend, take a bubble bath, put a cool ice pack on your neck, give yourself a manicure. Now, the reality is food has become your easy button on your life. It’s quick, accessible, and tastes so good. But, it’s not a solution. And guess what? When the box of donuts is empty, the stress will still be there, but this time a food hangover comes along with it.

When you find yourself reaching for the bag of chips instead of your to do list, ask yourself “what can I do instead?”. The answer isn’t always in the opposite, but sometimes it’s in the balance. Sometimes action makes us feel better. For example, if I’m home and feeling stressed, cleaning up my environment can bring me me so much ease and comfort. Grechin Rubin, a happiness enthusiast, talks a lot about this concept of “outer order contributing to inner calm”. Sometimes distraction can chill us out (watching a funny video, or super dramatic movie).

The stress may not necessarily go away completely, but start to acknowledge how the food is compiling into additional stress, not relieving you from the tension you’re feeling. Allow yourself to feel stress, it’s part of life and remember- there are ways to feel better that aren’t food!

We believe in harm reduction here at Beacon. A bag of carrots may be better for your goals than a bag of chips. But if eating is a possible skill, many of us will turn to it every time, and never find an alternative. So I urge you to try something that isn’t food related at all.

Shine bright!

Photo by Gaelle Marcel on Unsplash