What is it that we are supposed to do when we veer off course? Steer don’t veer!

Ugh that can feel sooooooo hard! In this dilemma, habit is NOT on our side, right? For so many years, when we make an error with food, our instinct, our habit, is to go all out. One bite of cookie = whole box of cookies with a side of m&ms. One slice of pizza = six slices with some garlic knots to boot. You get the idea.

We get into rigid thinking patterns when it comes to our issues with food and weight When things don’t go our way, when surprises come up, or we aren’t feeling like doing the right thing, we veer of course.

Correction: we veer waaaaaaaaaaay off course.

And that’s where the real problem lies. It’s not the bite of cookie or slice of pizza that gets us in trouble, it’s truly our reaction to those behaviors. So often when we get into trouble, we don’t stop, turn our brains back on and get back on the plan. Quite the opposite: we make a bad situation worse.

In our neck of the woods, the solution to this problem is called “Harm Reduction” – it’s exactly what it sounds like – how can we minimize impact when harm has been done? How can we stop making one bite of cookie or one slice of pizza into a 3-month bender filled with self-harm and self-hate? That’s as we say at Beacon, a problem to be solved.

My skill for you today? A Corrective Action Plan to provide you with binge eating help.

If things go awry at work, do you flip your desk, and quit your job? If your partner doesn’t do the dishes as they promised, do you end the relationship right then and there? I imagine, if these are successful relationships, you make some sort of corrective action plan and try again. And so is the same with your food and weight recovery. So let’s say you’re at work, it’s a pizza party, you’re not into the salad you packed, you’re stressed, the peer pressure is off the chain, and you eat a piece of pizza. Old habit says: GAME ON! Let’s eeeeeeeaaaaaattttt! What’s for dessert? This is where we need binge eating help!

Let’s see what your new habit of Corrective Action Planning might say: STOP, take a breath, leave the room, listen to a song, ask for help (hint hint, your Beacon Team is always here!) and be on with your day – eating your snack and dinner like a boss. And remember, this is a new habit – so it probably won’t take form perfectly.

Please remember one of the tenants of Harm Reduction: “Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good” – skills take time and practice, so keep on keeping on. #yourock

Being in recovery is being in a relationship with yourself – and sh*t happens in relationships. When we are open to the ebbs and flows and committed to course correcting when things don’t go according to plan, instead of going off course completely and seeking binge eating help, we are practicing Harm Reduction. Not only do we minimize the harm we cause to our food and weight goals, but also to our ability to regain a loving, peaceful esteemable relationship with ourselves. Corrective Action Plans = win win win.

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