If you’ve struggled with food and weight issues throughout your life than you’ve likely accumulated countless opinions, data references and your own experience on every diet and weight-loss intervention in the book.

With all this information and knowledge, it is so easy to assume, “I already know the answers” or even worse, “I know how this goes…I’m going to fail”. 

When we’ve experienced the rollercoaster of dieting, weight-loss treatments, fitness programs and countless visits to the nutritionist office, our natural inclination is to armor up and pre-judge our next attempt as a doomed failure.

The problem is, when we’re governed by a core belief that this isn’t going to work we are inadvertently telling ourselves that change is not possible. The truth is, if we continue to embrace an Expert Mindset and a “been there, done that” approach, we are robbing ourselves from feeling hopeful and from taking action.

While loosening our core beliefs is not an easy process, it’s important to step into this experience with what Zen Buddhism refers to as, a Beginner’s Mind. This mindset invites us to have an open mind and a willingness to let go of our former opinions, judgements, strategies and techniques.

It involves the act of willingness to hear what others have to say as though you’ve never heard it before. It means to bravely take action steps as though you’ve never tried them before.

Embracing a Beginner’s Mind certainly doesn’t happen overnight, it’s a process! It starts with being aware of when you’re Expert Mind is in charge and asking yourself if you’re able to instead lean into a place of curiosity and openness.

This is key to learning to trust the process of recovery and most importantly, learning to trust yourself.

Shine Bright!