I heard a great quote awhile back: “There are two things that everybody hates: Change and the way things are.” Oof. Ain’t that the truth.

I had one of those weeks – a week where I was extra tired, short-fused, procrastinating more than usual, and of course, extra hungry. Was I sick? Reacting to the coming of fall? Nope. I was reacting to some changes coming my way. And the funny thing for me – given the many struggles I have seen in my life – the changes coming my way are generally positive! All in the name of personal growth and fulfilling my dreams. And, yet, I found myself feeling more down and stuck than I had awhile.

I was reminded of my dear friend Mike, who had successfully overcome addiction for many years. One day he decided that he was done with change. Done with growth. Done with it. He was very happy with the way his life was, and didn’t want to put any more work into himself. Eventually, he became increasingly depressed, lonely, anxious and inevitably relapsed into his addiction.Then he realized: when he stopped working on his highest and best self, he began to contribute to his lower self. 

There is no such thing as being done with change. Change is inevitable. It can be scary and overwhelming even under the best of circumstances.

Here’s the silver lining: We have choices in how we handle change.  

That can be really hard to remember (believe you me), AND it’s where all our power lies. Thanks to that, I’ve decided to take my changes head on – staying connected to my tribe, keeping my food in order, practicing vulnerability, bravery and faith. Who’s coming with me? #bethechange #wegotthis #goteam

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Shine Bright!

Photo by Javier Allegue Barros on Unsplash