Dr. Marty Lerner

Join Milestones In Recovery’s CEO and Founder, Dr. Marty Lerner, on March 17th 2019 for a dynamic lecture and discussion.

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Awaken Retreat with Molly’s Pal, Patricia Moreno!

Escape for a week to Tulum, Mexico with Molly’s pal, Patricia Moreno. In this interactive and individualized retreat to:

– Master new tools to adjust your ideas, beliefs and attitudes.

– Cultivate a new lens in which to experience life.

– Learn to know, love and accept yourself in a whole new way

If you’re feeling stuck, feeling like you’re not moving to the next level, feeling like there is a better life waiting for you, this is your retreat – go join! Create better resiliency, greater joy, a fuller life – and reclaim your relationship with yourself.

Event Dates: April 23-29

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Beacon Breath – TBA

The mind and body connection is contingent on breath. Breathing better helps your brain and your body. Beacon Breath is here to help you to optimize your breath and help to decrease anxiety, back pain, stomach problems, brain fog and so much more! Join Molly for an hour long class devoted to teaching you how to breathe better.

Beacon Bowls – TBA

Strengthen your spiritual connection through a powerful meditation with Tibetan Healing Bowls. Tibetan Healing Bowls have provided vibrational therapy for thousands of years. They allow for sound waves to flow through the body, allowing it to restore to a natural state of health and peace. All you need to do is lay and the bowls will do the rest!