Fall is full of all kinds of activities-football, pumpkin patches, haunted houses, and so much more. How do you make time for the most essential activity of all?

Sleep is recovery. Your body is very very very busy. Your brain and body have to perform all of the processes needed for voluntary and involuntary actions. While you are only thinking about the exercise you’re doing, your heart is pumping blood; your lungs are converting O2 into C02; your muscles are expanding and contracting, and wow that’s a lot of work. I get tired even typing it all out. Your body needs time to sort everything back out, and your brain needs to get everything reorganized. Sleep is the only way this can happen. But where’s the time?

Your bed is made for sleeping, not work, no phone calls, just rest. When you do activities in your bed, you are increasing your alertness and drawing out the time it will take for you to fall asleep. Stick to your same sleeping pattern. Sometimes, the only way you can get sleep is to schedule it. Pick a particular time in the night where you turn off everything, including your mind, and you sleep. Sticking to a sleeping pattern can not only increase the amount you sleep but also the quality of sleep you get. Lastly, choose your mind over (mostly) everything else. If you’re thinking about staying up late to binge watch a show, think about how you will feel the next day. Will you be able to stay on task or will you be dozing off?

Sleep is vital for your mind and health. Find time to sleep and let your body recover.

Shine (and sleep) Bright!!

Photo by Alisa Anton on Unsplash