From the Language of Letting Go

Stopping Victimization

“Before recovery, many of us lacked a frame of reference with which to name the victimization and abuse in our life. We may have thought it was normal that people mistreated us. We may have believed we deserved mistreatment; we may have been attracted to people who mistreated us.

We need to let go, on a deep level, of our need to be victimized and to be victims. We need to let go of our need to be in dysfunctional relationships and systems at work, in love, in family relationships, in friendships. We deserve better. We deserve much better. It is our right. When we believe in our right to happiness, we will have happiness.

We will fight for that right, and the fight will emerge from our souls. Break free from oppression and victimization.

Today, I will liberate myself by letting go of my need to be a victim, and I’ll explore my freedom to take care of myself. That liberation will not take me further away from people I love. It will bring me closer to people and more in harmony with God’s plan for my life.”

The importance of this message is to recognize the various roles of victimization in our lives and our battles with food. For so many of us, recovery is made harder because we feel we DESERVE what we get and even help in the perpetuation of that thought. We have become our own worst abusers – because we fear what happens when we speak our truths, we sabotage our own health and happiness as a result. Simple things like refusing to continue the negative self-talk we utilize to continue the cycle or changing the negative self-talk to a positive message can, over time, become a powerful tool with which we develop strength. The only thing we are required to do is to Shine Bright for ourselves and from within ourselves. Everything else is just lagniappe.


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