Your struggles with food addiction and weight are certainly impacted during high stress times!

Sooooooo, it’s tax week. I know – it can be a real Buzz kill. Tax time can be a stressful time for a lot of people – it can be a time of “yikes, how did that happen?” reflection, it can be an “oooooof, I wish I had more,” reflection, and it can be a time of ” wow, go me,” reflection.

One thing is for sure, our issues with money can certainly have an impact on our issues with food addiction and weight. And our issues with food addiction and weight can also have an impact on our issues with money. Money and food – two things people love. And can’t live without. And can really misuse. Tax time can be an opportunity to take a look at what’s going on with your money and your food. Is your food on-point and your money a little out of control? Have you traded your overeating and not paying attention to your issues with food and translated that into your finances? Are you being really careful about what you’re eating and not about what you’re spending? Are you using your recovery to allow yourself to “splurge?”

Problems with money can look a lot like our problems with food and weight. And you know, Buddies, we say at Beacon, those are problems to be solved:

The Devil’s in the details.

If you’ve achieved success in your food addiction and weight recovery, I would bet my bottom dollar (pun intended) you’ve done it by paying attention and keeping track of what you eat. We know that self-monitoring food is one of the most important skills for your long-term success. If your money stuff is getting a little sticky, why don’t you try to take the same approach you did with your food? Start with one week of seeing how and where you spend your money. At a minimum, you will have a better understanding of it, and, knowledge is power, Buddies. #truth

If you don’t know, get in the know.

Sometimes when we don’t have a skill, figuring out how to acquire it can feel like cracking the Morse code. Fear not, Buddies. There are soooooooooo many ways you can get in the know and get super skilled with your budget and finances. Here’s a great article to get you started! And if you want a deeper dive, there are a ton of classes and financial planners waiting to help you master your money.

Go for the gold.

You’ve knocked your issues with food and weight out of the park by setting and achieving goals and integrating all of these awesome skills into your life. And, by bouncing back when things get tricky! There is no reason you can’t take the success you’ve had with your food and weight recovery and apply it to your finances and sooooooo many other areas. We call your Beacon skills buy-one-get-all – you can use these skills to help manage almost every area of your life. #winwin #BOGA