I’m back from my summer vacation – what a gift to be away, with three of my days cell phone free! And what a great reminder of the necessity of full relaxation and recharge mode.

With summer vacay comes “vacay mentality”. You know what I mean – chilling, maxing and relaxing. It is great for the soul, but how is a Buddy to get into vacay mode without letting the food follow suit? I mean, how do you deeply chill without letting your food go to s*!t?! We need and deserve a vacation from time to time (or more), but sadly, our food and weight issues don’t get to take a vacay. You need to make meal regulation a part of your vacay. It’s a real dilemma Buddies, and you know we want you living your best life, taking lots of vacations like a boss.

Relaxing in your life without relaxing too much on your food? That, as we say at Beacon, is a problem to be solved. Solution time!

Get your wise mind on tight. It’s not like you’ve never been on vacation before, right? So you’ll know the predictable problems that are going to arise – and guess what that means? You can plan for them! You know how we love planning at Beacon. #failtoplanplantofail

On my vacay last week, I knew I was going to have to get my hands on some of my fave Beacon-friendly foods upon arrival, be mindful of not grazing and snacking (meal regulation) and stay true to myself when some sexier foods came my way and started negotiating with me.

I had my plan and my desire to feel peaceful and present in the center of my mind. And, I pinky swear Buddies, having this upfront made all of the difference in my ability to follow through with about 90 percent accuracy.

We call this skill “Coping Ahead“:

1. Run through potential scenarios that may go down.
2. Plan for them to the best of your ability.
3. Focus on how you want to FEEL.
4. Have some skills ready to make it a little easier when the going gets rough (call your coach, take a breath, walk away, send a text to a friend, the list goes on and on).
5. And, of course, should things go really off the rails on your vacay, remember, you can be eating an ice cream cone at 4 pm on a Tuesday afternoon, be throwing that cone away at 4:01, and get right back on track (again, meal regulation). Everything is reparable.

Coping ahead – doing your best to stick to your wise-mind plan, reducing the harm and getting right back on track is THE KEY to the most relaxing, rejuvenating vacation around. #dontknockituntilyoutryit

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Photo by STIL on Unsplash