Sometimes it can feel overwhelming to get started on your journey to recovery. Here are 4 Beacon tips to help guide your way!

#1 Structure

 No matter the time or the place, make sure that food keeps it’s time and place! In recovery from Binge Eating Disorder, structure aka meal regulation (eating well-balanced meals every 3-4 hours) is essential.  This keeps our blood sugar in check (kick-those cravings to the curb), us well satiated and always in the know when our next meal or snack is coming (think less fear and preoccupation with food!).

#2 Skills: 

We recommend that you use tons of skills from our favorite treatment of all time, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy of course (DBT for short)!  This will look like doubling down on mindfulness exercises, distress tolerance, emotion regulation and interpersonal effectiveness skills all in the service of managing cravings, non-adaptive food behaviors and getting your Binge Eating Disorder in check.

#3 Support

This is all about the people, places and things that support your recovery! Who is in your power circle?  Where do you find meaningful connection?  Remember, it is always the right time to commit to treatment enhancing activities and to connect with support networks to stay on track!

#4 Commitment

While we may experience the ebbs and flows of motivation, our commitment to our recovery, integrity and self-care must remain intact.This means keeping up with practices that support our recovery from Binge Eating Disorder (think self-monitoring, meal-regulation and abstinence) and  other personal commitments that honor our best selves!

by Jamie Oliver, LMHC