Is still better than any Monday…

If you’re reading this blog, you are definitely familiar with the horrors of diet drama and diet trauma. Even the thought of considering another white-knuckle, restrictive way of eating is terrifying and exhausting – it’s never worked before so why should it now? The first step in changing your ‘tude about approaching a new way of living through a healthier relationship with eating is understanding one thing: how to utilize a beginner’s mind.

You are such a trooper for coming this far into the room without slamming the door behind you!

When you’ve had previous diet experiences, keeping an open mind can be borderline impossible. So I am going to ask you to do just that – the unthinkable. Having an open and willing mind is the most important part of sustainable success. And I want you to start your Beacon journey with a fresh pair of eyes as if this is the very first time you are addressing your issues with food and weight.

As Wayne Dyer said so beautifully, “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” If you’re going to join me in this program, the first and most crucial thing I need you to do is to release the past feelings of hopelessness, failure, frustration, and sadness. Throw out all of your old diet books, do a sage ritual, burn a letter to your past self – whatever it is you need to do to get a fresh start on your new life. YOU DESERVE IT.

Set yourself up to let in the successes awaiting you – what’s the worst that can happen (that hasn’t already)?