One thing all olympians have in common is this: they go for the gold!

When it comes to abstinence from sugar and flour, one of the pillars that serves as a piece of the foundation at Beacon, we ask all of our Buddies to have an Olympic mentality. We ask that everyone be perfect when it comes to adherence. But we also know that perfection is impossible. So our answer to this seemingly unresolvable situation is this: be perfect as much of the time as you can and when you fail, fail BETTER than you have in the past. We want you to fall and then get right back up.

How does this compare to Olympic athletes you ask? Let’s discuss.

First, do you think ANY Olympian wakes up and says, “You know, today I am going to go for the Bronze medal – third place is EXACTLY what I have been training for.” Reach for the gold! If something is worth doing, it will not only be difficult but why would you want to do it half-assedly? Settling for second is not an esteemable act that makes your confidence and trust in self flourish is it? Could you imagine overhearing an Olympian whispering to themselves before they hit the half-pipe, “I will come in third place, I will come in third place, I will come in third place.” Absolutely not! You are more likely to hear. “I WILL WIN I WILL WIN I WILL WIN!”

Second, do you think ANY Olympian wakes up and says, “I DEFINITELY do NOT need to practice. I can go for Gold without even trying!” How far do you think any professional would get with that mindset? So why do you think it’s ok for you not to practice abstinence? Do you think you will succeed without it? And as you know, practice makes perfect (or as close to perfect as we want you to be). Reaching for the Gold will only be possible with lots and lots and lots of practice with a dash of falling down.

Whether or not you watch the Olympics, we feel confident that this connection can resonate with you on some level. Everyone has wanted something and has been willing to do what is necessary to achieve it, are we right Beacon Buddies? We want all of you to feel like Olympians going for the gold in every minute of every day of your life BECAUSE YOU ARE A CHAMPION!

Shine like the Gold medals you are!!!