So a little birdie told us you were giving up sugar!

Yay! While this is super exciting news, we often forget just how addictive the sweet stuff is.   This means that it is going to require some all star planning and commitment to kick that Sucrose, Fructose, Galactose and Malt Syrup (yep! all secret names for sugar) to the curb!

Here are a few tried and true Beacon tips and tricks to help you navigate the sweet temptation of sugar!

  1. Don’t go at it Alone! Remember to treat sugar addiction as you would any other chemical dependence or problem.  Seek formal treatment and supplemental community support.  Perhaps most importantly, seek treatment from professionals with expertise in substance, eating and weight related issues.
  2. Regulate and Plan your meals! Meal Regulation means eating 4-5 structured and wholesome meals daily (sans sugar of course!)  Eating regularly will ensure that your blood sugar is always steady (no spikes and peaks to ignite sugar cravings) and that you are well-fueled for the day!  We also recommend planning and prepping your meals well in advance if possible to avert falling prey to a quick sugar fix.
  3. Get skilled up! When those urges hit (and trust us…they will), you will want to be like a ninja, ready to tackle any craving that comes your way! We recommend being well rehearsed in your favorite distress tolerance, mindfulness, or any other super skill that helps you to ride the sugar crave wave without wiping out!
  4. Commitment and Integrity! When sugar (or any substance) is interfering in the quality of our life, we must regularly honor our commitment to bettering ourselves. Every day, remind yourself just how eliminating sugar is helping you to live our your life with joy and integrity.  On the flip side, if sugar should get on your plate, do not allow this to ruin your progress- keep it moving and re-commit!

For more support on giving up sugar, stick with us each week!


your Beacon team!