The second wave of the Bermuda triangle is upon us! You remember the Bermuda Triangle, right? The time between Halloween, Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day where food is seemingly everywhere, and it’s realllllly easy for you and your recovery to lose it’s way and get… mysteriously lost!

Thanksgiving is up to bat this week, and we’re here to get down to business and talk planning for the stuffing, wine, and pumpkin pies. Here’s a few tips to have you prepped and ready:

1. Move the focus to gratitude and connection.  This is what the holiday is really about, right? Set the stage for your Tgiving by using one of our favorite skills this day and every day… gratitude. Gratitude puts our lives into perspective, even when it feels overwhelming. If you find yourself rationalizing that nothing will get you through the moment except a slice of pumpkin pie, take a step back and know this is NOT your wise mind. Instead, focus on what you have, not the things you “can’t” or “shouldn’t” have. Our food and weight disorders can DISTORT our perspective really quick – telling us how sad and pathertic we are for being different, or how much our lives suck for not being able to eat a slice of pie (side note: LIES, LIES, LIES). Remembering what matters to us, what we value in life – before, during, and after the big event  is the remedy that keeps our perspective in check. And if you want some help with a gratitude practice, I’m completely obsessedwith this app.

Gratitude’s BFF is connection – another amazing skill that can hep you to stay on top of your long-term goals when the smell of stuffing is telling you to cut and run from your integrity #nobueno. In the name of connection – and in the name of planning (my FAVE!), I want to personally invite you to connect with ME this Wednesday night – Tgiving EVE – on Facebook Live where we will be having a killer planning and strategic planning meeting for Thanksgiving. Or as we like to call it at Beacon, “Thursday”. And for a right now connection plan, ensure that your Power Circle is ready to take your calls and texts and pick a few people at your event that you can chat with to take the emphasis off of the food and onto the love. There’s absolutely no reason you need to go this alone, so why would you? #GoTeam #beaconfamgotyourback

2.We ALWAYS have choices The Bermuda Triangle can get us into victim mode faster than you can say pecan pie. “Why me?” “It sucks that I can’t eat sugar” “I just want to be normal.” Victim victim victim. Harsh? Maybe. True? Definitely. Whenever I start to feel like I’m a victim to my situation, I have to remind myself of this – I HAVE CHOICES. Everything I am doing in my life is a choice. There is not a gun to my head causing me to decide against the sweet potato fluff, nor will I be arrested if I eat a sweet roll with butter. They are all choices I make for the betterment of my life and, frankly, for those around me. We have this tendency to forget that we always have choices. We have a choice to say “no, thank you” to offerings for seconds or prepare a dish that is Beacon friendly in advance. We have a choice to portion our meal or just go “all out.” When things get tough, we have the choice to respond with food or take a breath, tap into our wise mind and ask ourselves, “What is in line with my integrity?” “How do I want to feel tomorrow?” And, BTW, we get to make this choice on Thanksgiving and every other day of the year. #thegiftthatkeepsongiving

Get in early on the Tgiving planning… like tonight! Join me on Beacon’s Facebook Page for our Beacon Buzz Afterparty on FB LIVE – 8:30 tonight. I cannot WAIT see you there or watch the replay – and please leave me comments – I love to hear what’s up! In all cases, I can’t wait to see you!

Do you or someone you love need help, guidance and support with your struggles with food and weight? If you do, we’ve got you! Get in touch to schedule a 20 minute strategy session with me. Beacon can help in all sorts of ways – including our new E-SERVICES for those of you outside the NYC metropolitan area.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, please know how enormously grateful Team Beacon is for our Buddies – you guys are truly the wind beneath our wings, and inspire us to do and be our best on the daily. Please know that we are sending you all the Tgiving juju.   Shoot us an email and let us know how it goes!