The weather has begun to turn. There is pumpkin spice in literally everything. The grocery store aisles are spilling with bags of candy.  And perhaps worst of all, your competitive neighbor got her spider webs up before you. The nerve!

This can only mean one thing….Halloween is near!

While this time of year is super cozy and fun for many, those of us with Binge Eating Disorder often find ourselves starring in our own personal Halloween horror story.

That’s why the Beacon is here with some helpful tips and tricks so you can enjoy all of the coziness and fun that October brings, without the Horror!


Find a new focal point:  The fall season and Halloween especially are most often associated with special treats and goodies.  We are here to tell you that is sooooo last year.  Break free from all of the hype and make new traditions that are not centered on food!  Think spooky movies, making silly and non-edible treats, fall planting/gardening…etc!

Deemphasize: Do not give Halloween allllll that power.  Treat it just like another day on plan.  When we believe the hype that “this is going to be the most difficult day EVERRRR” we begin to negotiate with the eating disorder.  When we trick ourselves into believing that Halloween is just another day, we don’t have to treat ourselves in ways that don’t serve us!

Meal Plan: Go into Halloween day with your routine meal plan.  Eat your meals regularly (every 3-4 hours).  Do not negotiate/bargain with yourself to accommodate candy (i.e. “oh I’ll just skip breakfast so I can have 6 fun size bars).  Should candy sneak up on you, don’t let it spook you.  You know the drill, gently redirect yourself back to plan.

Candy: There is no written law that you must give candy to your cute visitors.  Think outside of the box and drop them some trinkets (bouncy balls, slinkys, slime, stickers, spooky plastic rings, etc.).  If there is no candy in the house, you are less vulnerable to slipping up.

Got kids of your own? Let them hang on to a few pieces and discuss donating the treats for a good cause! You will be thrilled that you are raising such thoughtful little humans and treating yourself with integrity.

Enjoy the season!

The Beacon Team