We Love a Good Feeling Wheel! 

We often say that the healing is in the feeling. But what if you don’t know exactly what you’re feeling? How do you heal it if you don’t know what “it” is? 

Identifying our emotions is like searching for feelings in a haystack. Sometimes we have to grope around to home in on how we feel. We all know that feelings can be elusive, murky and confusing. There are times when they are big and intense and other times when they are quiet, buried deep and difficult to recognize.  

Introducing: The Feeling Wheel.

The Feeling Wheel was created by Dr. Gloria Willcox, author of “Feelings: Converting Negatives to Positives,” who describes the wheel as “useful in assisting clients to learn how to identify, to express, to generate, and to change feelings,” Sometimes a visual aid to help us sift through a myriad of feelings is life-changing. 

We suggest that clients use the wheel as a tool to identify feelings in order to avoid using food to cope. If overeating is no longer a coping skill, we need to develop other skills. Remember, overeating is related to feelings. Rarely are we overeating because we are simply hungry.  Using feeling words will serve to identify and then communicate our experience. If we identify the feeling, we may still overeat, but we are at least equipped with the “why” of it. Eventually, once we have unmasked the feeling, overeating no longer serves us. The Feeling Wheel is just one of the powerful tools we suggest to enhance emotional literacy. 

The Feeling Wheel is a beautiful colorful wheel with six primary feelings at its center: mad, scared, joyful, powerful, peaceful, and sad.  A second ring of words helps narrow those feelings down.  A third, outer ring gets even more specific. In all, there are 72 adjectives linked to feelings. You find your feeling by starting at the center and letting your eyes roam outward until they fall on your precise feeling. 

It’s just a few colorful concentric circles filled with feelings, but it’s surprisingly helpful — and you can try it by clicking here. Print it out  and put it on your fridge!   (link to hyperlink) http://feelingswheel.com

Keep feeling and healing. 

Shine bright! 

Image from: https://www.mosaiceyeunfolding.com/freeart/feelingswheel2020