So you have FINALLY decided to give up the sugar devil. Here’s a little bit about what you can expect:

* Headaches, Headaches, and MORE Headaches

* Body aches and pains not dissimilar to the FLU

* Mood Swings

* The Shakes

* Energy Down!

** Did you really expect anything less???

Now that you know what’s coming, what can you actually DO about the symptoms of withdrawal? When it comes to headaches and overall aches and pains, the best remedies are water (make SURE you stay hydrated), epsom salt baths, and aromatherapy (peppermint can do WONDERS for headaches). Those symptoms are felt most acutely. The sneakier response is definitely the mood swings and you might not even know you are having them until you really piss someone off. How can I possibly control what I don’t even know is happening you ask? Find a support group – one that will be honest enough to call you on your stuff. Friends are really great to have around to do the same thing (unless you have run them all off with your short fuse – thanks sugar!). The shakes can be a bit trickier as they might be stemming from withdrawals but can also be a sign of blood sugar levels dropping – if a snack or some tea doesn’t help them to subside, call your doctor.

We know that none of this sounds like fun – and we get it. We at Beacon have ALL done it. That said, getting to the other side of sugar addiction is nothing short of AMAZING. Energy through the roof! Sleeping through the night! Fuzzy head replaced by conscious living! AND NO MORE RIDICULOUS CRAVINGS! Aside from those few benefits, there are SO many more when you get away from your sugar addiction. Did you know even tumors like sugar? Yeah, that’s right. It’s not just your blood sugar levels that will love you but also a reduction in risk factors associated with cancer and heart disease. Winner, winner (no sugar) chicken dinner!