I break chains all by myself.

Of all the cash and prizes that come with our recovery from our food and weight issues, the one that tops the charts time after time is FREEDOM. It’s simply the biggest and shiniest thing on offer. When I was celebrating all things USA this week, I was, of course, struck by how lucky I am to have gained personal freedom from my addictions, and how lucky I am to get to connect with you, Buddies, about all things freedom and liberation.

We are the lucky ones, that’s for sure. The Fourth of July came with mixed tenor – namely a lot of sadness – for me this year, with so many people struggling with freedom on many different levels: freedom from their food and weight issues, freedom other personal struggles, and, of course, fundamental freedoms we are given as citizens of this country that I so often take for granted. And I know I’m not alone – this feeling of sadness, guilt, anger, and impotence has been Buzzing at Beacon for sure.

Unnoticed and untreated, these feelings can turn into cookies, cakes, and candy in seconds flat. And worse than that, after we’ve used food to numb our feelings we are left.. well.. NUMB. And sort of useless to effect change, make a difference and shine our beautiful light, which is the great purpose of this thing called life. Being grateful, and of real service, we know, combats shame and feelings of impotence. And for those of you focused on the bottom line, it also decreases your vulnerability to misuse food.

Being of service is an action step – it’s not about thinking, it’s about DOING. Want to be part of the solution in the fight for freedom? Your ability to do, help and serve can range from little to big:

1. People need people. Seriously. Do you know someone who is suffering, who is struggling? With their food and weight issues? With a family crisis? With poor health? With life just being lifey? Can you call them and see how they’re doing? Can you send them a little love text? Can you take them for a cup of coffee? Give them a hug? Sharing your love makes for more love and helps your struggling tribe remember they’re not alone, which in turn helps them to share their love. And so on and so on.

2. Don’t just sit there, DO something. My pain when hearing about the separation of families encouraged me to research and find organizations (like this one) that I could support, instead of numb out with cheddar popcorn. Which helped me feel a little less impotent and a lot more connected #winwin. There are organizations, and marches, and volunteer opportunities that need support – in service, in financial contribution, in sharing. Go and do some researching to see where you’d like to use your energy. #shineyourlight #yougotthis

You are more powerful than you know, Buddies. Let’s not let our food and weight issues – or any issues – take us away from being our absolute best, shining bright and sharing our light.

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Photo by Kristina V on Unsplash