Holiday times are full of joy, but also full of…exhaustion.  Buzz around Beacon says: We. Are. Tired. Fatigued. Straight up overwhelmed from too much shopping, partying, planning, working, shopping, working, traveling, planning, shopping…. And you know that can lead to some serious stress eating and have an impact on our food and weight goals.

Here’s what I know, Buddies: put me under enough stress and exhaustion, and a lot of my wise-mind “nevers” become “maybes”. The intense feeling of being under pressure – to accomplish a lot in a short period of time – is enough to send a Buddy right to the Hanukah gelt, popcorn tin or cookie bite for a stress eating sesh. Don’t believe me? Just ask science. When we are excessively overwhelmed, the gas tank that fuels our brain’s ability to make the best choices moves close to empty. #uhoh

What are we to do when the commitments are high, and our motivation and energy is low?  That, as we say at Beacon, is a problem to be solved. Here are some thoughts and strategies to cool down your overwhelm and calm the stress eating:

STOP THE MADNESS!  Because that’s what all of this over-committing, under-self-caring, burning-the-candle-at-both-ends is.  It’s madness. We end up not doing anything with integrity and having minimal or no enjoyment. And lest we forget, when we say yes to everything, we are also saying no to a whole lot too.

Prioritize, prioritize, prioritize. Put each “must do” to the test.  Is it something that you really must do? And do you have to do it right now? This week? This month?

BEWARE OF THE FOG. One of my all time favorite acronyms when it comes to overwhelm.  Consider the FOG – are you saying yes out of: Fear, Obligation, or Guilt? If the answer is yes, you may want to reconsider.  FOG leads to resentment and resentment leads to the food – every single time.

Remember, reprioritizing and saying no means saying yes to yourself – and so I task that to you today, if you are feeling overwhelmed and overburdened. what can you say no to? If you really can’t say no, can you find some time to say yes to yourself?  Your recovery will thank you for it.