The first wave of the Bermuda triangle arrives this Wednesday! If you don’t know, now you know: The Bermuda Triangle is the time period between Halloween and New Year’s Day. It’s the time of year when the food gets loud, recoveries can lose priority and we are at risk to get LOST! With Halloween coming on Wednesday, and Thanksgiving shortly after, we want to get you in the best shape to navigate the candy corn, milky ways and reese’s pieces knowing the stuffing, and pumpkin pies are on their way.

Seems like a lot to handle, right Buddies? No worries – Beacon’s got your back! The Bermuda Triangle, like most things in life, is a problem to be solved. We’re throwing a few solutions your way:

1. How do you eat a rhinoceros? Whenever life feels REALLY overwhelming, I remind myself of this question. The answer? A bite at a time and reallllllyyyyyy mindfully. The upcoming holiday season is a great reminder to get your wise mind zipped on tight and stay in the moment.

Why? Leaving the moment is where life gets tricky – whether it’s living in the shame of the past or the fear of the future, we are always best served in the here-and-now. Which is hard when we’re looking at Xmas displays in October!

Staying in the moment and getting mindful is easier than you think. If you’ve noticed your presence has taken a hiatus,  the quickest, easiest, least expensive way to come back to the current moment and restore your wise mind is to TAKE A DEEP BREATH. Deep. From your belly. With a long and audible exhale. While there are sooooo many mare ways, breath is a great place to make the most effective change in the name of your long term success.

2.  Not this one again, Molly. I know, I know. Though I may sound like a broken record, I will still tell you that the greatest bang-for-you-buck skill is and always will be planning. It means planning for what you’re going to eat and what you’re not going to eat. Remember: making hard lines always seems to be the best line of defense for Buddies like us.

It also means planning for when things don’t go according to plan – like when you’re alone in the room with the candy corn, your costume doesn’t fit just so or when you left your planned food on your desk at work. What are the skills you use in these moments? Mantra? Phone call? Ice on your neck? Listening to Bon Jovi? Breath? There are more skills than I can even get to for when life gets lifey – and having these skills on hand will help you get through Halloween like the super hero you ARE. #yougotthis #wisemind #beaconsuperheros

Buddies – do you want to get your minds in their best shape for the holiday season?We have so much going on at Beacon for Thanksgiving and the winter holidays. AND next Wednesday, November 7th, I’ll be hosting my monthly Wake Up Call with my buddy, Patricia Moreno. We’ll be priming your MIND – helping you to get it working for you, not against you – with conversation, tools, breath work, and the always amazing intenSati! Sign up here!

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