Full Steam Ahead!!!  Buckle up your wise minds and you will know how to curb sugar cravings during this holiday season.

The thing about this time of year between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day is that, without planning and a big dose of your wisest wise mind, it can feel like a steam roller moving steadily forward squashing all of your virtuous goals of curbing sugar cravings in its path.  And you know we don’t have any time for that.  #truth
Our goal is to slooooooow down that proverbial steam roller. How in the world do you slow it down? How do you shift things around when you’re JUST getting back from Thanksgiving and have another party that you can’t skip and you are soooo tired from last weekend and maybe a little sugar crept in and your feeling hopeless and you have so many gifts to start planning to buy and and and and!!!
To quote Vanilla Ice, “All right. Stop. Collaborate and listen.” This is, as we say at Beacon, a problem to be solved.
Stop.  Buddy, you need a TIME OUT.  All of this steam-roller-rushed thinking is NOT a function of your highest and best self – aka your WISE MIND.  You know, your true north?  How do you get back to your wise mind, you ask? Very easily – with mindfulness.  And not all mindfulness is created equal – I love me some meditation for my mindfulness. But, you do you, Boo.  Here are some other ideas.
Collaborate. Buddy, you are NOT an island.  And I will say over and over again through this holiday season, no one is ever complaining about how well supported they are feeling. Your issues with food and weight, when activated, also activates isolation… BIG TIME.  And left to your own devices outside of your wise mind? No bueno. Ask yourself who is on your Beacon Board of Directors? Who is in your Power Circle? Who can you turn to when the going gets tough this holiday season? And then connect with them.  It’s all about collaboration.
Listen. The thing about you, Buddy, is that you are basically a genius.  Seriously. When all the chips are down, when you are quiet, and doing loving things for yourself, and when your wise mind is on high, you really have all the answers for how to curb sugar cravings.  Should I eat that? Listen to your wise mind.  Should I go to the party?  Shhhh, wise mind is about to tell you.  What should I say? Wait a minute, wise mind has the answer.  You get the gist. The answers are all inside you, all you have to do is quiet down and listen. #mindfulnesstaketwo #mindfulnessrocks #wisemind