We are now in to August and, for some of us, that means only a few more weeks to squeeze in those last minute travel plans! But what common word do we often associate with vacation? You guessed it. FOOD!

If you struggle with binge eating or food addiction, vacation may be a bit of a sore subject. Being away from home can throw us off our routine and the normal rhythm of our day-to-day lives. While this change in routine may be hugely beneficial for our spirit, it can create challenges when it comes to  maintaining a healthy relationship with food.

Where there once was excitement surrounding a trip, spending time with those you love, and being away from the daily grind, you may start to notice these worry thoughts as your trip approaches: What am I going to eat? Where will I find food on-plan? How will I avoid the endless snacking and cocktails all day? What if I gain weight?

It’s easy to see how quickly these thoughts can activate a frenzy in our minds and lead us down some pretty deep rabbit holes. So let’s try quieting the noise by making a VACATION PLAN that allows you to enjoy yourself and reach your goals!

Before we begin, I want you to do an honest check-in with yourself. Do you look at vacay as a FREE FOR ALL with no structure or parameters? If that’s a yes, than chances are your food will quickly unravel and you’ll return from vacation feeling further away from your goals. To save yourself from the feeling of disappointment and a lot of damage control, it’s time to shift that belief! Vacation is NOT a free for all. You can still fully enjoy yourself AND maintain a structured meal plan. Will it be easy? Not necessarily. Are you worth it? You bet.

Vacation is also not an opportunity to ‘cheat’ on your goals. Because ultimately, you’re cheating yourself. Pack and plan accordingly and bring extra bars or snacks if you really do believe it may be difficult to stay on plan at times.

In the weeks leading up to the trip you may find yourself operating from a place of fear: “I can’t go to Paris and not have croissants and macarons” or “There’s no way I can go to Italy and not eat pasta and gelato!”

Wait a minute! Are you really going to these places solely for the food? Will the food really make the vacation any better, or does it just happen to be there while you’re in an incredible place? How much value and power are you really willing to give the food?

If you’re operating from this place of scarcity with food, and eating restrictively, it’s understandable that you’re looking to your vacation food as “exciting”. But, if you want to start to alleviate some worries surrounding vacation eating, perhaps start looking at your relationship around food in your non-vacation eating. You don’t suddenly land on a plane to Paris and become a different person. Your goals and desired relationship around food are still present when you’re across the ocean!

Finally, think about how you want to feel when you return from your trip. Proud? Rejuvenated? Confident? Now consider what actions you need to take while on your trip in order to experience those feelings. Remember, no matter where you are in the world, recovery always needs to be a priority. It may require some heavy lifting and, believe me, you’re worth it!

Shine Bright!